Bulk rename Google AdWords Campaigns – a handy script

Find the updated version of this script (MCC-level) at Adsscripts.com

Last week I had the honour to work at some accounts for Groupe PSA. Part of the job was changing the campaign names according to very specific naming conventions for correct tracking in Doubleclick. To make this easy I’ve created a simple, but efficient script to rename AdWords Campaigns in bulk.


Usually the AdWords Editor does the trick. However, since the campaign is used as an identifier to connect a campaign to new info, using the AdWord Editor is not possible. Another option is via Bulk Edits in Doubleclick Search. However, I did not have access to DS so I had create a workaround.


It’s really simple to use the script. Just create a new Google Spreadsheet with two columns: old and new (or any column name you like). Place the old campaign names in the “old” column and the new campaign names in the – you guessed it – “new” column.

Then install the script and replace the spreadsheet URL in line 14 with the URL of the Google Spreadsheet you’ve created. Save, authorize and preview the script. If all is fine, you can run it. Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Bulk rename Google AdWords Campaigns – a handy script

  1. Marc

    Could this be adapted to run at the MCC level so that 50 different accounts campaigns could be updated at once from a single google spreadsheet?


    • martijn Post author

      Hi Marc,

      That is possible. Just e-mail me with additional info and I will see what I can do!

  2. Charly Mayaud

    Hello! Thank you very much for the original post.
    I’m also interested in running such a script at the MCC level. Were you able to develope that code?


  3. Jake Adams

    Hello mate I am getting an error when trying to do this script

    Error: script has multiple “main” functions. (file Code.gs, line 1; file Changing Campaign Names .gs, line 8)

    Can’t seem to understand why?



    • martijn Post author

      Hi Jake,

      Try to remove the existing “sample script” when setting up a new script. Then copy and paste the provided script and you should be fine!

  4. Daniel Zrust

    I have a finding – when you try to rename Universal App Campaigns with bulk upload or with this script, it just does not work. Nothing happens, no errors are thrown.

    When I try to rename search campaigns, it works.

    • martijn Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, Universal App Campaigns are not supported yet by Google Ads Scripts.

  5. Dhruv Menon

    Hi, Could you help us with a script to do this across multiple campaigns under multiple accounts at the MCC level?

  6. Andrew Einspanier

    Hey Martjin,

    When I try to run this script, it will only do the first 47 lines even though I need it to make 650 changes. Do you know what might be going wrong?


    • martijn Post author

      Hi Andrew,
      Is it possible your campaign name online line 48 contains a single quote -> ‘? That could cause the script to stop editing the campaign names.

  7. Kaitlyn

    This worked for my Google account, but how can I modify the script where it will work for Bing?


    • martijn Post author

      Hi Kaitlyn, rewriting the script for Bing/Microsoft Ads is unfortunately not very simple because of the Google Sheet connection. However, I will try to create a Bing version of this script in the near future.

  8. Stephanie

    Hi Martijn,
    I tried but this is not working with Smart Shopping campaign! Any other script I can use?

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